Sports Premium Funding

Impact of Sports Premium 2016-17

Due to the government ‘Primary School PE and Sports Funding’ this year we have received £9,100.

This has been spent on providing a wider range of sporting opportunities for children throughout school. At D’Eyncourt we pride ourselves on our commitment to sport at all levels and we understand that strong sporting teams have a positive impact on the culture and ethos of the school.

We must foster sporting talent well and also improve the skills of all of our pupils. We recognise the impact that sport has on the whole child; perseverance, resilience, discipline, team work and many others. In using the premium funding we are trying to give all pupils the best possible opportunities in sport.

Here is a breakdown of spending against the premium funding:

Resource Cost  Impact
Gymbobs- Early years physical development


£1500 Development of motor skills and physical development for all of our reception pupils
Zoom Coaching


£5000 High quality teaching of PE

across school. Leading to higher

levels of pupil participation in

sport inside and outside of

school. Full range of sports

developed.  Inter-house

competitions used at all age


KS1 after school games club £1450 Encouraged pupils to participate

in sports outside of school.  It has built skills of competition/discipline/resilience

within sport at an early stage of


KS2 after school cheerleading club £1150 Develop teamwork/fitness and

participation for all pupils in KS2.

Add variety to sports on offer

within school.

Total Spend £9,100


We have employed Zoom Sports Coaching to provide high quality games provision to children in years 1 to 6. This has also enabled our less experienced staff to develop their own expertise. Part of the coach’s role is to run inter-house sports competitions. We will continue next year to use sports funding to ensure we are able to maintain this high quality provision.

Sports funding has paid for a cheerleading coach to provide a weekly cheerleading club for children in years 3 to 6 and to provide a skipping workshop.


Funding has been used to provide an external company ‘Gymbobs’ to work developing the gross motor skills of our Reception children during the school day.

A specialist provider has been working with a group of children on the Cool Kidz program again looking at the development of gross motor skills in identified children in years 1 to 6.

We have purchased some new PE resources to enhance the range of activities on offer.


Below is a list of extra-curricular activities that have taken place during the year:

We have purchased some new PE resources to enhance the range of activities on offer. Below is a list of extra-curricular activities that will take place during the year:


  • Football for years 5/6
  • Girls football coaching for KS2
  • Dance club
  • Zumba Club
  • Cheerleading club
  • Cool Kidz
  • Netball club
  • Rounders club
  • Kwik Cricket Teams (Boys and Girls)
  • Tennis Club
  • Hockey club