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Mrs Claybrooke wrote: Art in 1/C
Miss Ford wrote: Digital art
This morning 5/6F had the chance to become creative using their computer skills. They have been learning about Tutankhamun in topic and were given the challenge of creating his death mask using 2paint a picture! The children world hard using the tool (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Painting Tutankhamun! 
To introduce our topic, we found out about Tutankhamun's death mask and we had a go at painting it using watercolours! We will be designing our own death masks very soon and making them!        (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: Remembrance Day in 1C
Today we had 2 minutes silence in school to remember the soldiers who fought and died in wars. We made a clay poppy over the week, rolling, squeezing and poking the material to make our shape. We put them altogether to make a poppy field. In maths we (More)