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Hey and welcome to week #5! This week we go back to a part of a sentence! We are really good at spooky writing so here is a spooky prompt! … as it came rushing towards us we… Things to consider: What was IT? Where are you? How do (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 Conscience Alley
In year 6 this week we have been thinking out dilemmas and what we would do in certain situations! In our book, Friend or Foe, the boys have a decision to make - should they help two injured German soldiers or not? We used a conscience alley to share (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Describing characters
This week, year 6 have been working on improving their descriptions. They sat back to back to describe a character whilst the other person drew what they were describing! We soon realised that, to be able to guess who the character was, we needed to (More)
Hello and welcome to week #1 of the Writing World challenge. This year there will be a variety of prompts to use - some may be a collection of words, some may be a phrase to use or some may be a picture! This week though, the prompt is... …th (More)
Welcome to a new year of WRITING on the blog! I will be posting a NEW prompt for all children to get involved in very soon, so let's get writing! Miss Ford (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Friend or Foe
Don't forget year 6 if you want to listen to the next part of the Friend or Foe podcast then check out the BBC website!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p043gvr (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 Book Talk! 
This week year 6 have started their first book study, Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. To launch the topic the children looked at a selection of book covers - they had to use their inference skills to deduce what the books could be about!  (More)
This week in year 6 we have been working on improving our vocabulary! We have been trying to find the meanings of tricky words ready for our reading tests! We played a matching game then made our own questions using the tricky words!  (More)
Miss Ford wrote: SATs revision 
In booster, over the last few weeks,  we've been revising all of the tricky SPAG terminology and to help us remember we have been making revision mats!  (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Writing with quills!
We are enjoying learning about Harry Potter and reading more of our fantastic book in Year 5 👍 We have tried writing with quills - we think it makes us look super-intelligent. We have also booked our trip to the Harry Potter Studios in May (More)