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Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 class of 2017 
Well the end is here! It's been a wonderful year with a cracking bunch of children! Good luck year 6 - you will all be amazing! Go out and enjoy the rest of your lives but remember D'Eyncourt will always be a part of you! We'll miss you lots!  (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Last day for Year 6 
Friday was the last day for year 6! We had a super morning watching Beauty and the Beast then we got everyone to sign shirts and leavers books! It was emotional! Good bye year 6 and good luck!  (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Leavers Assembly!
On Thursday, we celebrated with year 6 at their leavers assembly! It was an emotional affair - for children and parents alike! Year 6 have been a terrific year group and they have worked so hard- it was lovely to look back over all of their memories! (More)