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The children helped to make porridge for Goldilocks? They had to make sure it was the correct temperature first. The children used thermometers to help measure the temperature of the porridge and recorded the temperature every 2 minutes. They then de (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: 1/C Measuring length and height
We have been using non standard units to measure the length and height of things around us. We had a class investigation to see who had the longest and shortest pencil. We each measured our own pencils using cubes so that we could accurately compare (More)
Today we have applied our knowledge of halves and quarters of shapes to help us work out different times on a clock. After learning to spot o'clock and half past we were able to work out where quarter past would be because we could remember what a qu (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: 1/C maths games.
Who doesn't love a game of snakes and ladders?    (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: I/C places to explore
Where would you like to explore? Today we made a block graph to show the most popular places that we would like to explore. We used our maths skills to compare the most and least popular places. Volcanos, the future, the jungle and space were just so (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 5 
I worked hard to add and subtract fractions!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 
We scored 100% on our fractions deeper mastery test!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6
I am working incredibly hard in Maths using fractions!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: 5R 
I worked hard in maths this week!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 
I worked well converting fractions!     (More)