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Miss Taylor wrote: Forest School Workshop
A huge thank you to all the parents that attended forest school with their children, we hope you had lots of fun. The children throughly enjoyed showing you around and getting you to join in with some of the things we do. The children loved making th (More)
Miss Taylor wrote: Activities this week.
The children have had lots of fun this week. They have enjoyed lots of different activities here are a few they liked. (More)
Miss Taylor wrote: Forest School
The children had fun exploring a forest school. They found a giant pine cone, climbed trees, went frog hunting, searched for buried treasure and lots more. (More)
Miss Taylor wrote: Outdoor Learning at the Park
The children had fun developing their gross motor skills at the park. They enjoyed playing together, taking turns and listening to each other. (More)
The children helped to make porridge for Goldilocks? They had to make sure it was the correct temperature first. The children used thermometers to help measure the temperature of the porridge and recorded the temperature every 2 minutes. They then de (More)
Miss Taylor wrote: Superhero Day
Miss Taylor wrote: Happy Fathers Day
The children talked about their dad's. (More)
Miss Taylor wrote: Leprechaun Traps
A massive thank you to all the parents for helping the children make their traps. They look amazing and appreciate your time and effort to support your child's learning adventures this week. (More)
Mrs Newbury wrote: Reception N
Mrs Newbury wrote: Reception N