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Miss Ford wrote: Rounders tournament! 
Tonight 10 children from years 5 and 6 took part in a rounders tournament at the Royal School. We played two tough matches, winning the first then unfortunately we lost the second. We await to hear if we got enough points to get through to the finals (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Year 5 Judo
Well done to ALL of Year 5 who have been to St Chads and tried Judo! A fantastic sport and brilliant to try something new  . Hopefully some of you enjoyed it enough to join the Judo club at St Chads. Please see the Year 5/6 page for photos. (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Year 6 Young Enterprise
Since SATs our Year 6 have been VERY busy! All our sports teams this year have had to play in very old mismatched kit! So I had an idea....and roped Mr Taylor in along the way! Mr Taylor has guided the Year 6s along the way and they have thought, d (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Judo! 
This year our year 5 children had the chance to trial a new sport: Judo! The children thoroughly enjoyed trying something new and fighting one another!  (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: 3rd IN THE CITY AT HOCKEY!
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Superstar Netballers!
Well done and congratulations to the 10 girls selected to represent D'Eyncourt in the Netball tournament tonight. You were brilliant! You played well (after only 3 practises!) and worked as a team. You were a credit to D'Eyncourt and managed: 1 dr (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Hockey tournaments
Well done to the 19 children selected to represent D'Eyncourt in the City Hockey tournament. Mrs Bayliss' team did really well. 2 wins and 2 draws. A fantastic achievement. Mr Taylor's did brilliantly. 2 wins. 1 draw and 1 loss. The draw agains (More)
Well done to the 12 children who were selected to represent D'Eyncourt in the Tag Rugby tournament at Moreton today. You did us proud and played wonderfully as a team. Every player, played their part. Super skills and fantastic tries 👍 (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: Dates for your diary
If you are selected to represent D'Eyncourt in the following sports - these are the tournaments we have entered:   Monday 6th March 4pm-6pm = Tag Rugby competition @ Moreton High school (10 y5/6 children will be selected for this.) (More)
Mrs Bayliss wrote: MRS BAYLISS NEEDS YOU!
I am back and need to get fit...I also want to offer you lots of sports clubs, as I have entered D'Eyncourt into lots of tournaments running up to Easter! So...come and join in the sports clubs on offer. All you have to do is turn up with a games (More)