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Mrs Claybrooke wrote: I/C places to explore
Where would you like to explore? Today we made a block graph to show the most popular places that we would like to explore. We used our maths skills to compare the most and least popular places. Volcanos, the future, the jungle and space were just so (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: 1/C on a discovery trail
We went on a little exploration of our school site as part of our topic on explorers. At the end of the trail we discovered a hidden box which was full of clothes to wear in the really cold weather. Brrrrr. I wonder what we might be exploring!  (More)
Happy New Year! This week we have launched our new topic, ancient civilisations! We looked at the history of the world and learned about all of the different civilisations that have existed. To understand better, we were given some Top Trump cards an (More)
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: Who lives in a house like this?
Mrs Claybrooke wrote: 1C. More shelters!
Science and Design Technology came into play today as we talked even more about the dens and shelters we have been building. The children recognised that the choice of materials was very important when designing shelters, as a paper roof would not pr (More)