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Miss Taylor wrote: Activities this week.
The children have had lots of fun this week. They have enjoyed lots of different activities here are a few they liked. (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Graffiti revision walls!
Today at revision booster we were given huge pieces of paper where we had to fill them with SPAG revision! We were surprised by how much we had remembered! Roll on SATs week!  (More)
Mrs Newbury wrote: Half Term News
Pen Patrol topic this week: Half Term News. The children brought in lots of lovely things to show. We are practising writing the sentence I went to the... We are using our phonics to spell park, zoo, shop and other words we may need. (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Writing World week #7
Welcome back! The first prompt of the year is: …I looked in front and behind. Which way should I turn?… Things to consider: Where are you? What is the time of the year? How do you feel? What lies in each direction? You must use the prompt (More)
Miss Ford wrote: War diary
This week, in year 6 we will be writing our hot task: a war diary from the trenches! To help us imagine what it was like in the trenches we visited forest school. It was very muddy and dirty in there and we had to think about our senses. How would we (More)
In year 6, our new topic is all about a short film called The Piano. We watched the video then discussed its meaning - an old man is playing a mournful tune whilst remembering key moments in his life.  We were given some words and we needed to (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 5 
I have written a super description of New York in topic!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6 
I have written a super story!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Year 6
I have written a super story!     (More)
Miss Ford wrote: Writing World Week #5
Hey! Slightly different prompt this week. Try and be as creative as you can! The prompt is: …as I stared into the water it began to turn green...  So, you must include all of the words and you can use the phrase anywhere in your writing! Try (More)