Remembrance Day

Children in 3P made poppies in Art and created ‘Blackout Poems’ in Topic to remember all those who have died during wars. We observed the two minute silence and learned lots of information about Remembrance Day.

‘Tie-riffic’ ‘Bow-tiful’ Year 4!

Today we raised money for a worthy cause and at the same time displayed our style and brilliance by wearing Ties for Thailand.  From dazzling displays of tremendous fashion sense to showing our sense of humour with boys daring to wear Jo-Jo bows in their hair.

A great day where once more the children of D’Eyncourt Primary showed just how compassionate they are towards the needs of others.

Well done,  and a big thank you to parents and families  for your donations.


Year 4 European Languages Day

Tuesday morning saw our class resplendent in red and white to celebrate our nominated European Language Day country of Poland.

We  investigated the life of Polish people and even learnt how to count to 10 whilst our bellies were full of Polish goodies that we taste tested throughout the morning.

The composer Chopin provided some beautiful music during our brochure making activity.

We would all agree the Polish would say it was a complete ‘powodzenie’.

Year 4’s Sporting Spirit – Achieving Greatness!

Year 4 showed their strength of character yesterday during our annual sport’s day.

During the KS1 events they found entertainment and good sporting character through cheering on our younger competitors in KS1.

When it was time for them to show off their sporting prowess, they did it in the only way Year 4 could – with style and sporting spirit!


4K election promises


4K have proved to be the future of politics!  An impressive 17 children entered the race to be the class council representative and all presented solid, convincing arguments that could have potentially changed the future of the USA had they competed against Mr Trump!

Well done to you all and whilst there will only be 2 children elected, there will be opportunities for everyone to work together on projects throughout the year.

Welcome to 4K

Hello to all parents and welcome to our first Year 4 blog.

Some information that you will need throughout the year.

PE for 4K  – Friday

(PE Kit – White T Shirt, Black shorts, Black plimsolls)

Games for 4K – Tuesday

(Games Kit – jogging bottoms, t’shirt, sweatshirt top and trainers)

Spellings have been handed out for the half term.  (If lost, spare copies are kept in a class  folder).  We test spellings on Fridays.

Homework.  A letter is being sent out on Thursday about our exciting new way to access and complete homework.   ‘I am learning’ homework for maths and English will be available on Thursdays at 3pm.  The time limit for each homework is one week.  This is available on laptops, tablets and other media devices.

Many thanks for a lovely welcome to D’Eyncourt  and we cannot wait to show you  4K’s fantastic work.

Any questions or further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mrs Kilford & Mrs Deeming