Year 4 Geography Day!

Year 4 had their Geography day on Monday. Mr Pearce and Mrs Bayliss split the year group into their 2 groups that will be the groups in Year 5.

We studied INDIA for the day! We had lots of experts who have been to India who could give us first hand experience.

We did some research about India learning about the currency, capital city, food, culture and sport.

We looked at Rangoli patterns and tried some Indian food. Mr Pearce designed some top trumps cards so we could rate the food! We had lots of fun. We also played cricket, as we learnt that cricket is a popular sport in India.

Baking challenge

In 3M we have been learning all about mass in our maths lessons. Yesterday we had a baking challenge! We used our new knowledge to solve word problems to find out how much  we needed of each of the ingredients. We then had to weigh the ingredients out using scales. Once we’d mixed our ingredients together we baked them and the end result…… Delicious cakes. 


In science this half term children have been exploring sound. The children in 3/4 S enjoyed making pan pipes using straws. They played their pan pipes and explored pitch and found out how to make high and low sounds by varying the length of the straws.  


The police visit 4P

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to be visited by Gemma and Tabesh, a PCSO and a police officer. We talked about strangers and those adults we can trust. We then got to ask some questions and try on their uniforms.

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