Party and disco fun! 

Today it was party time in KS2 and we all had a super afternoon of partying and dancing! We are well and truly in the  Christmas spirit now! 

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Brazil Day! 

This morning, year 5 and 6 travelled to Brazil and completed some different activities to celebrate the local culture. They made carnival masks using colourful card and feathers; they tasted different foods that could be found in Brazil and they made music using percussion instruments! The children came to school dressed in blue, green and yellow to represent the Brazil flag! Thank you for a fab morning! 

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In 5/6F we made our calendars using our self portraits! Can you recognise anyone? 

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Christmas cards

Check out our funky reindeer Christmas cards! Love the intricate patterns! 

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Forest school! 

This morning, year 6 took a trip to Forest school where they were imagining what it would be like to be a soldier during war. Our unit of work at the moment is based on the short film ‘The Piano’ and we are writing a diary entry about the man in the video’s experiences during the war. We visited a very cold and snowy forest this morning and thought about our senses. Because it was so cold, we all agreed we wouldn’t like to fight in a war and live in such cold conditions and we were very glad to get back into the warmth of the classroom! However, it did show us how hard life was for soldiers and anyone else living and sleeping outside in such cold conditions. 

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Visit from a youth MP 

Last week, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Millie Betteridge, who is the Wolverhampton youth MP. She has recently been to the House of Commons to make a speech and she came into school to talk to the school council and children in KS2 about her experience. The children were very interested and asked some very sensible questions. 

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Zones of Relevance! 

In year 6, in English, we have started our new unit based upon ‘The Piano’ and we were looking at words we could use to describe the mood of the short film. In groups, we discussed different words and had to chose their relevance to the atmosphere created. 

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Book Quiz WINNERS!!

Well today we had a very exciting day! It was the final of the Game 4 Reading Book Quiz 2017! The six children were very anxious this morning but as soon as they arrived at the quiz they kept their cool and came away with the trophy! 

It was such a close competition and we didn’t know until right at the very end that we had just pipped the opposition to the post! We have to say a HUGE well done to the team of Dana, Navnoor, Fatima, Liam, Charlie and Finley- they were amazing! 

Thank you so much to the parents who came along today and helped with transport- really was lovely to have so much support so thank you! It really was a super day and we are extremely proud of our D’Eyncourt pupils! 

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Book Quiz semi finals! 

Today we faced the semi final of the book quiz! We travelled to the Education Library and competed against St Michael’s and Perry Hall to try and get into the final! The competition was tough and we faced some incredibly hard questions but we won by a narrow margin so we’re in the final! Well done to the team, they were incredible! 

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Year 5/6 Walk for Remembrance 

Yesterday, children from years 5 and 6 walked to Heath Park memorial to pay their respects for Remembrance Day. While here, we discussed the importance of paying our respects to soldiers who have fought or are still fighting in all wars. Some children read out some wonderful poems that they had written. We then held a minutes silence. 

After this, we visited Holy Trinity church and looked at the many war graves that can be found within the churchyard. The children asked some very sensible questions as they paid their respects to the fallen soldiers. 

Well done to all of the children and thanks to all the staff that helped. 

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