Book Quiz semi finals! 

Today we faced the semi final of the book quiz! We travelled to the Education Library and competed against St Michael’s and Perry Hall to try and get into the final! The competition was tough and we faced some incredibly hard questions but we won by a narrow margin so we’re in the final! Well done to the team, they were incredible! 

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Year 5/6 Walk for Remembrance 

Yesterday, children from years 5 and 6 walked to Heath Park memorial to pay their respects for Remembrance Day. While here, we discussed the importance of paying our respects to soldiers who have fought or are still fighting in all wars. Some children read out some wonderful poems that they had written. We then held a minutes silence. 

After this, we visited Holy Trinity church and looked at the many war graves that can be found within the churchyard. The children asked some very sensible questions as they paid their respects to the fallen soldiers. 

Well done to all of the children and thanks to all the staff that helped. 

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Book Quiz 2017

Today we had the first round of the Game4Reading book quiz! The six children who were chosen had to read a selection of books and answer some very tricky questions about them! Today was the first round and we faced tough competition from St Patrick’s and West Park but we managed to win the round!! We are through to the semi finals! Well done to the team! 

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Harvest Festival 2017 

Today was a special day in years 5 and 6 because it was the Harvest assembly! This morning we entertained the school with our bumper crop of songs and poems, then this afternoon we entertained the parents! Thank you to everyone who donated food for the celebration, it was collected at the end of the day to go to people in our community who need it most! Thank you so much for coming and sharing the celebration with us! Well done to years 5 and 6! 

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Christmas Cards! 

We know it’s only October but we’ve been busy making our Chrsitams cards this week for Cauliflower cards! If you’d like to order any cards please send in order forms and Monday by Monday 30th October! 

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This morning we had a visit from Rocksteady who showed us how much fun it was to be part of a band and how it can help us grow in confidence! Some of us had the opportunity to make a band and play a song together! We also found out that Mr Taylor is a whizz on the guitar and Mrs Bayliss had a go on the drum kit! 

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Year 6 Conscience Alley

In year 6 this week we have been thinking out dilemmas and what we would do in certain situations! In our book, Friend or Foe, the boys have a decision to make – should they help two injured German soldiers or not? We used a conscience alley to share our opinions and then we had to weigh up the pros and cons and make a decision. What would you do? 

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Writing World launch! 

This afternoon, Mr Pearce’s class and Miss Ford’s class got together to attempt the Writing World challenge this week! We sat in pairs and worked to use the prompt in our 100 word challenge- have a read of some of our fab writing on the Writing World page! 

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Describing characters

This week, year 6 have been working on improving their descriptions. They sat back to back to describe a character whilst the other person drew what they were describing! We soon realised that, to be able to guess who the character was, we needed to use expanded noun phrases! 

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Inspired by Spanish artists!

In 5/6F we have been learning about different Spanish artists – we have produced digital art with Miss Townsend based on Picasso and we used a mosaic design to create some lizards inspired by Gaudi! 

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